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SaveMyData helps your company protect the Environment

How environmentally friendly is your current data backup process?
Tens of thousands of companies backup their data to tape drives and DVD’s. The amount of landfill required to dispose of these drives when they become obsolete is considerable.

Environmentally FriendlyHow is on line backup better for the environment?
Our storage platform has the capacity to replace many thousands of tape drives plus all the tapes associated with them.

Disposal of hard drives.
Compare the scale when disposing of one hard disk at the end of it’s life to all the tape drives and associated media. The difference is enormous!

If people don’t use tape drives and media, production of the hardware will be reduced, in turn reducing greenhouse gasses and emissions produced by the factories making the units.

Natural resources and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Thanks to technological advances, the power consumed by our servers is lower than it has ever been. It’s much less than the collective power needed to run the many backup drives they replace. This saves on electricity and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Existing Off Site Tape Storage
If you already use a manual form of off-site data storage and have your tapes picked-up and stored in a secure location you will need to have them physically collected and returned. Vans and cars use fossil fuels and cause road congestion and yet more greenhouse gas emissions. When you use SaveMyData to backup your data, you are using only the Internet. No vans, no congestion and greatly reduced fossil fuel consumption.

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